The complexity trap

Why we need a new management approach

Complexity has shaped our times and has changed our modern business world – and we all know this. The number of tasks is increasing, change cycles are getting shorter, and everything is growing more interconnected. Complexity crops up in many different contexts nowadays – sometimes meaningfully, and sometimes just as a buzzword.

But one thing is clear: We still have no idea what complexity is really about – much less how we can master it. At the same time, there are countless things that people get wrong when it comes to dealing with complexity, such as calling for simplification, for more data, or for better planning. 

This book sheds light on these misconceptions around the issue of complexity, delivers relevant background knowledge, and always remains practice-oriented. 


What makes this book special:

  • The first book that addressed common misconceptions about complexity
  • Features countless real-world examples
  • Enables readers to broaden their leadership skills and learn how to deal with complexity
  • Contains extensive glossary

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