The right format for your event

Keynote speech

A keynote speech takes up your conference’s core themes, setting the tone for the event.  For me, as a keynote speaker, it is not only important to entertain from the podium – but also to provoke.  Allowing attendees to see a reflection of their everyday management produces “aha” moments and sets off exciting discussions.  My keynote addresses illuminate topics from unfamiliar angles, which creates further space for discourse.  My talks are “pure” and interactive, without any PowerPoint gimmicks.  As a renowned expert in the areas of complexity and organizational resilience, I offer you the following keynote speeches:

  • Complex is not complicated!
  • The "New Work 4.0" - Are you prepared? (new)
  • Error 4.0 – Why digitalization is your smallest problem
  • Agility – A cure, or only half the story?



Interactive lectures

My interactive lectures come straight to the point – crisply and concisely. Scientifically sound insights are presented, with a touch of humor. I provide the audience with stimuli geared towards opening up intensive discourse. The propositions that I raise are quite provocative and are carefully thought through – in order to bring about discourse that is both challenging and vibrant. My interactive lectures can be summed up in three words – participatory, vibrant, and lucid. The following topics are available:

  • Simple was yesterday – Projects between chaos and control!
  • Escape the complexity trap – Where to?
  • Think and act “complexly” – But how?



The topics in detail

Complex is not complicated! 

  • It can all be simplified… right?
  • Trust is good… is control even better?
  • Don’t rely too much on your experts.
  • Keep your head above water in a sea of data.
  • Competition kills business.
  • Let’s go make some mistakes!
  • The plan was good – but it didn’t work out.
  • No one needs to call all the shots.


The "New Work" 4.0 - Are you prepared?

  • Understand the "game".
  • It´s hard to have perspective with blinders on.
  • Conformists or mavericks - Which does the world need?
  • Warm or cold - How decisions are like showers.
  • You´re not as important as you think.
  • Grooming leaders for the "old world".
  • The erotic relationship between companies and employees.


Simple was yesterday! Projects between chaos and control 

  • What projects can learn from roly-poly toys: Resilience.
  • What projects have in common with nuclear power plants.
  • What keeps projects on track: The H.A.P. model.


Public lectures and events where I can be seen live are listed here (page is available in German only).