"At PMI Passion for Projects 2017 in Malmö, Stephanie delivered a thought-provoking and on-point talk about organisational complexity that was well-received by the audience.She took relevant examples from real-life projects and weaved them into theoretical contexts with clarity and humour. It was a pleasure having her as a guest speaker for the Corporate Outreach track of the conference." 

Helen Platt, Corporate Outreach - PMI South 

"Ms. Borgert gives you an appetite for complexity. You can immediately tell during her keynote speech that she is right in her domain, that she is speaking with clarity and real passion - confident, humorous, eloquent, and intelligent." 

Stephan Tasche, Herdecke, Germany

"True-to-life, participant-oriented, uncomplicated, structured, and open - it is a joy to have Stephanie Borgert on the stage as a speaker. Her enthusiasm for the issue of complexity makes it more accessible to listeners. She creates valuable foundations for dealing further with the topic and makes you rethink matters." 

Donatus Berlinger, head of Adult Education Department, PH Luzern

"Stephanie Borgert is one of the few speakers who has managed to cut through the issue of complexity, yet is also able to communicate it in a pointed manner. It is a pleasure to follow her into the conceptual world of complexity. To put ist simply: When the issue is complexity, always book Ms. Borgert." 

Lutz Langhoff, speaker, author, business developer

"Stephanie Borgert held a keynote speech on the topic of "Escape the complexity trap - no matter what!", at our project management conference "PMWelt 2016" in Munich. This practice-oriented lecture was met with very great interest among the attendees. Ms. Borgert was able to communicate the difficult issue of complexity with the necessary depth, in a very entertaining and easygoing manner. The attendees were delighted. We would be glad to call on her again anytime."

Petra Berleb, Managing Partner, Projekt Magazin

"With her dynamic and sometimes quite provoking lecture at the Management Innovation Camp 2016 on the topic of dealing with "The misconceptions of complexity", Stephanie Borgert provided a lasting stimulus for an audience of entrepreneurs and executives from a variety of sectors - with her talk serving as an excellent foundation for many other discussions and workshops over the course of the event. Many thanks for this contribution!"

Falk Schmidt and Heiko Bartlog, organizers of the management Innovation Camp 

"Anyone can explain simple issues. And lots of people can convey complex matters in complicated ways, but whom does this actually help? Stephanie Borgert makes complex issues accessible, and communicates them in a comprehensible and entertaining manner. It makes all the difference!"

Dr. Hubert Staudt, CEO, top itservices AG

"If you want to know why Jesus is no longer a role model, why it is a mistake to only trust experts, and what Red Teams are good for, then book Stephanie Borgert´s keynote speech "The misconceptions of complexity". Simply recommended."

Jürgen Diessl, head of publishing house Econ

"Stephanie Borgert conveyed to us the topic "Complexity and resilience in project management" in a very compact, yet at the same time in-depth manner. Using many practical examples, she was able to explain both symptoms and their underlying causes in a clear and comprehensible way. This, together with her humorous style, made it easy for us to take it all in. Thank you very much."

David Nitescu and Janine Kleidorfer

" Stephanie Borgert´s presentations are always stimulating. She vividly demonstrates how complex, seemingly inflexible situations in organizations can be resolved. And she explains how both sides can emerge as winners even in the most difficult negotiations. And all with her own special charm! It is worth it to listen to her and to discuss matters with her."

Dr. Adnan Elci, business consultant

"Ms. Borgert´s lecture on the topic of "Complexity traps" was inspiring, entertaining and lively. She made the difference between complexity and complicatedness very transparent and comprehensible, so I was able to take away valuable impulses to put into practice myself. What especially impressed me was that she gave the entire lecture without the help of any aids."

Torsten Otto, head of CC PMP, Haufe Akademie

"Ms. Borgert delighted with her entertaining lecture, "Simple was yesterday- Projects between chaos and control". I especially liked her refreshingly direct style - she says things as they are."

Sabrina Martiensen, project manager, Micromata GmbH

"With her fascinating lecture, Stephanie Borgert manages to grab hold of listeners right from the start. Critical listerners also get some real "aha" moments from her helpful examples for dealing with complex and unexpected project situations. One can tell that Ms. Borgert is drawing from a wealth of experience. Her approach is exciting and compelling.

Christian Klie, GPM Regional Group Hamburg

"On June 26, 2014, RWE Deutschland AG´s first Project Management Conference took place at the Schloss Paffendorf. Around 70 participants from different RWE Group companies gathered together for information and exchange relating to current issues and trends in project management. Many participants had high opinions of Ms. Stephanie Borgert´s lecture on the topic "Simple was yesterday - Projects between chaos and control", as the following direct quotes show: "Ms. Borgert´s lecture had a lasting impression on me and will affect how I work going forward - thanks." "Stephanie Borgert´s lecture was sensational!" Ms. Borgert impressed with her subject matter expertise, as well as with her vibrant and motivational presentation style. She stimulated our interest in learning more about the H.A.P. Model."

Anton Schenk, head of process and project management for RWE Deutschland AG